Social Data Analytics in China

Social Data Analytics in China

CIC conducts social media research and monitoring in China for global brands that have a presence in China, such as L’Oreal. Social Touch is an end-to-end marketing solutions provider in China for more than 50 internationally recognized brands, including P&G and Airbnb, their newest customer.

Yu and Zhang began by describing the current landscape of social data as an evolution unique to the preferences of Chinese consumers. Not surprisingly, China’s social landscape did not always mirror changes in the US or global social communities. One reason may be the different cultural context. In general, Chinese customers have been less focused on privacy issues, although both later mentioned that Chinese consumers privacy has recently begin to change with privacy possibly playing a more prominent role. Also, the large population requires social companies to ‘tier’ different regions and cities. This, of course, introduces different adoption and usage and therefore, challenges to collecting and measuring the data.

The dialogue shifted to potential challenges and opportunities in China, at least as understood by Yu and Zhang. One potential challenge is data integration across multiple media. For example, understanding relationships (and possibly correlation) between television viewership and social data. This will likely to be a potential challenge and an ongoing dialogue in the years to come that extends beyond China. As for opportunities, tapping into China’s older generation was suggested as a new potential market. Here is why. Improved technology has introduced tech gadgets and software that is more intuitive to use and this alone has removed a significant barrier to adoption.

This conversation touches the tip of the iceberg when considering opportunities within social data analytics in China. Hopefully, Big Boulder will facilitate more in depth conversations among its attendees and within the larger, global social data community.

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