The Power of the Link

An interview with Mark Josephson from Bitly.

Bitly – what do they do, exactly? As Mark Josephson explained, Bitly takes long links and makes them shorter so they can travel better. And the value of this service is validated by the company’s metrics. At present, Bitly works closely with more than 40,000 brands to optimize the performance of the links they share. It works with marketers to encode all of their assets so that when they build an audience, it correlates to unique profiles. Essentially, Bitly simplifies the ‘stuff’ that exists between the marketer and customer. Bitly sees 9 billion clicks each month and boasts approximately 800 million unique profiles. In short and as Chris suggested, Bitly is “not link shorteners, [it is] link smarteners.”

While Bitly does not have direct competition, Mark was not shy about acknowledging the importance of having competition. To this end, he believes apathy and ongoing improvement of the Bitly free product are two ‘competitive’ factors that drive change and innovation within the company. Mark is also excited by marketers, such as those at Chipotle and GE, who understand that their brand must consistently be part of their campaigns and intelligently leverage services offered by Bitly.

Driven by its success and demonstrated demand by existing clients, Bitly has just this week launched the Bitly Certified Partner Program with six of its partners. Today, Bitly has 75 open API and is integrated into over 3,000 different applications. It is then no surprise that Bitly customers asked recommendations for trusted partners. This new initiative “highlights platforms that integrate Bitly data and functionality while improving security” to allow Bitly customers to “control, measure and optimize” all of their assets.

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