Brands, Signal, and Pins

An Interview with Tram Nguyen from Pinterest

@alwaysbepinning from @Pinterest ends our conference with a session on Brands, Signal, and Pins

Tram Nguyen, Head of Product Marketing at Pinterest shared some of the resources available to marketers and brands alike to leverage on the platform. For Pinterest, their objective has always been provide the best user experience possible while also encouraging more brands to participate and engage with users in unique and interesting ways. For example, Pinterest now has several scalable tools geared towards analyzing user behavior in order to allow brands to target users for marketing opportunities.

What Makes Pinterest Unique?

While many brands are still heavily invested in Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has become a goldmine for finding unique content and developing strong relationships with consumers. The way in which users express interest on Pinterest is very different from other social platforms. It’s become much more personal and intertwined in major live events from everything including weddings, to first home purchases, to planning travel. Being able to identify this purchase intent is a marketers dream for finding potential buyers based on the pins and content they find most interesting. Also because Pinterest now has over 70 million active users (40% being international and 30% male) it’s no longer a platform that can be easily ignored. These insights are making it much more attractive for brands to engage and create content that appeals to these audiences buying habits.

What’s the Vision of Pinterest?

The main vision of Pinterest has focused on 3 major areas: being able to discover thngs that are important, saving that content for the future and then being able to do act on a pin in real life. Having these three areas make it even easier for marketers to follow user behavior over a lifetime to see how they change and grow as major milestones occur (weddings, vacations, etc.). An example of how this has been effective for brands like Nordstrom is being able to find user boards or collections for in-store retail placement of clothing. Another example is a financial institution was able to identify people seeking to buy a new house and target them with content about saving money.

With over 50 billion pins across a billion boards, there’s enough content and insights to make it even easier for brands to engage users and create effective marketing.

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