The Mind of a Marketer

An Interview with Jordan Bitterman from Mindshare

@jordanbitterman from Mindshare teaches us about the Mind of a Marketer

During an intimate chat with Jordan Bitterman, we learned how social data is being used to drive actionable insights for sales, marketing, advertising and more. Mindshare, a media buying agency has been helping brands make realtime insights to drive realtime actions. Specifically, finding the right data points that can drive business is critical in the minds of CMO’s and brands. For example, Bitterman shared how Weather FX has been used to drive decisions based on geographic targeting and finding buyers of specific hair products during humid clients. These types of insights have helped marketers sell more product to their target audience.

The Future of Social Data

While advertising has become a big component for marketers to get the word out, digital ad spend as started to ramp up and increase in ad spend because of the nature of how communication is being proliferated. Also marketers are now being to take back their own data while still relying on agencies and third parties for interpreting and analyzing it to make actionable decisions. These types of insights help create conclusions on upcoming trends and what will be emerging in the future.

However, Bitterman suggested that brands need to focus on the now heavily before moving too quickly into what’s about to happen or coming in the future. And at the moment video and mobile are still very hot vehicles marketers should be capitalizing off of for future campaigns and promotions.

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