Thoughts from Big Boulder – Day 1

Day 1 of Big Boulder 2016 is a wrap!

Emcee Farida Vis, Director of the Visual Social Media Lab, Faculty Research Fellow in the Information School at Sheffield University, shared her three take-aways from the day:

  1. The talks today revealed that there are a lot of topics our industry is getting better at. And there’s still a lot of stuff we’re not good at.
  2. The “Social Data and Politics” panel revealed that everyone is analyzing data, but many of the methodologies aren’t great. Yet.
  3. Building strong teams, tenacity,  being brave, and doing first/asking for permission later are concepts we toss around. The “Connecting with Customers” panel showcased real examples of someone walking the talk.

And in case you missed anything along the way, you can view of all the blog coverage from Day 1 of Big Boulder 2016 below:

We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow, so stay tuned for more great presentation content from Day 2 of Big Boulder 2016!

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