Thoughts from Big Boulder

Big Boulder 2016 is a wrap! We are grateful to the speakers, panelists and moderators for sharing their ideas and insights. And we are, of course, grateful to all of you who attended and made this not just a conference, but a community.

Our Big Boulder 2016 emcees, Mark Josephson, CEO of Bitly, and Farida Vis, Director of the Visual Social Media Lab at Sheffield University, shared several overarching themes that reverberated throughout this year’s event:

  • Big Boulder reveals what we don’t know, what we should know, and what we could know.
  • The evolving role of platformsfrom machine learning to algorithms to bots—is fundamentally changing how we think about ourselves as human beings.
  • “It’s the power of us,” said Mark. The biggest problems in the world get solved by networks, not by one person sitting alone in a room. And everyone at Big Boulder is helping to move our industry forward.

“The conference is about what happens on stage and perhaps even more, what happens across the community of attendees off-stage,” said Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy at Twitter and Chairman of the Board of Big Boulder Initiative. “This room has high concentration of a group of people that can change an industry!”

You can view of all the blog coverage from Day 2 of Big Boulder 2016 below:

As we close the fifth year of Big Boulder, we plan to extend the insights and energy at this year’s event into opportunities to connect year-round.

We invite you to get involved in our Slack community and consider joining BBI as a member of our industry organization.

Thank you for an incredible Big Boulder 2016!


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