Upcoming BBI Events!

BBI Community –
We’re excited to announce the dates for Big Boulder 2017, BBI Meetups in September and an amazing event for data-driven digital marketers at Coca-Cola HQ!

Big Boulder 2017
The 6th annual Big Boulder will be held June 1st & 2nd. The only way to ensure your attendance is to join the Big Boulder Initiative. You can register here and tickets will be made available in April. I’ll send out an email with instructions and once the date is closer, please check bigboulderconf.com for updates.

BBI Meetups
We’re happy to co-sponsor a series of Meetups this fall in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and London. Details are below.

Data: It’s The Real Thing hosted by Coca-Cola and Sponsored by BBI

This conference will provide a holistic perspective on how marketers can utilize data. BBI will be sponsoring the social data presentation and we’re excited to be a part of this amazing event. Some of the tentative session titles/topics are:

  • What’s My Name? A day in the life of data: What data is worth purchasing? So many vendors where does one start?
  • 99 Problems: Programmatic & Direct Advertising: How does the industry toe the line? Am I over or under invested?
  • The Symphony: Are you listening? Making Sense of Social Data
  • Paid in Full: Closing the loop for CPG companies: measuring marketing w/ dollars and sense
  • DMPs and the New World Order: How marketers from various industries are leveraging Data Management Platforms.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Where to invest in linear, digital video or addressable?
  • Follow the Leader: Making the most of mobile (targeting, marketing and measurement)
  • A Good Day: Telling Better Stories with Data

The event will be held on November 17th, at The Roberto Goizueta Auditorium, Coca-Cola HQ. The address is 1 Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30313. Please email me at mike@bbi.org for more information.

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