AI – Fad or Future?


“Say Data one more time!” With a poignant throwback image, this was just one of the rapid fire slides Lux Narayan, CEO and Co-Founder of Unmetric Inc. gave during his “Pecha Kucha” style talk (a presentation format for delivering 20 slides for 20 seconds each) on AI and social data.

Lux’s presentation began with a (literally) illustrative example of two artistic images: one drawn by a human and one created via AI, which the audience had a hard time distinguishing between. This touched on the theme of the presentation around AI being able to help businesses & marketers tremendously, assuming they can ask the right questions to help make AI smarter.

Lux presented a balanced viewpoint, also touching on some examples of things going wrong, whether it was a chatbot taking on a life of it’s own (for the worse) or kids being able to proactively order a brand new dollhouse via a voice enabled digital assistant (without the knowledge or consent of their parents!).

Yet ultimately the benefits and applications outweigh the potential for abuse, which Lux displayed with his two “key triangles” for AI. With examples ranging from the New York Times using AI data to determine what stories to promote through their social media channels or airlines using AI to relieve & handle some customer service requests to their human agents, the applications are nearly limitless.

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