An Inside Look at Twitter

Out of all the conversation happening around Twitter and it’s future, one question seems to keep the Twitter-sphere buzzing: “Is Twitter Relevant?” For those still confused as to which answer is right, we can safely say “YES”. Chris Moody sat down with Twitter’s own Joel Lunenfeld, VP of Global Brand Strategy, to find out more about how the company is staying relevant in a changing society and give a glimpse into the world that is Twitter.


It’s hard to argue against the importance of a company that has essentially become the “cultural operating system” of the majority of the world, let alone a service that accomplished this in just over 11 years. Recently on Twitter, we’ve seen examples of this ranging from political figureheads holding unfiltered conversations and impacting a community, a global discussion about climate change, and even to Wendy’s bestowing a teenager from Nevada a year’s worth of chicken nuggets for receiving the most-retweeted tweet of all time. We suppose food does have a way of bringing people together.

As far as Twitter’s place in the world of consumers, there is a slight gap between how many people recognize Twitter as a brand (which is over 90%) and how people understand and operate within the platform itself. It’s unlike differing social platforms, many of which host users connecting with friends and family. In fact, within the past year, Twitter has refocused their public brand, which also included a change of their category in the App Store from “Social” to “News”. This plays along with the solidified idea that Twitter is a place where users go for Moments, to seek out trending news, and where open dialogue exists between users who had no way to speak with each other before.

Joel Lunenfeld also expressed that Twitter is constantly improving their platform. According to Lunenfeld, “there has always been more good than evil in the world but evil has had a larger marketing budget.” However, Twitter is breaking that trend and helping users gain back control over the narrative. We’ve seen this in times like the 2015 Paris attacks and the more recent Manchester attacks, where users come together and use hashtags like #prayforparis and #prayformanchester. Similar in idea, brands like Dove are also controlling a more positive narrative with their “#RealBeauty” campaign, which is optimistic, hopeful, and changing the messages said about young women in particular. Basically, all of this is only helping to create a better online environment. We look forward to Twitter’s continued future into cleaning up data from negative thoughts to spam accounts.

So, if you’re still asking yourself “Okay, but is Twitter dying? Everyone I know is saying that it is…” then let us put it this way: Twitter is the #1 tool for business, the company is made of people who truly care and believe in their mission and, most importantly, Twitter is a company that will outlive us all. Twitter “will change the mode of transparency for years and years to come”.

And this all makes sense, seeing as how Twitter is the largest public archive of human thought to ever exist. (And if that doesn’t give you excited goosebumps, we don’t know what will!).

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